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1st  picture: the last figure on the right of each line is a LH's boy
2nd picture the first, third and last figure from the left are LH's boys, the others are Essex's,
the lot painted by Paul Crozier.


Two pictures of Samurai of various manufacturers thanks to Eric Chenard from Quebec!!! Thanks Eric!!!


Two new range on my workbench: landskechts and.... Orcs!!! Plus some other new codes for some of the other ranges.


From "The Great Northern War" range a preview of russian and swedish infantry........and of russian dragoons.


Painted by Giuseppe Barbazeni



              Late Roman Infantry                Mongol Horde                 
    The Horde

turchi in carica    turchi in carica    turchi in carica    turchi in carica

   turchi in carica



Delhi charging   Fanteria polacca   Giannizzeri   Pancerni   Sipahi Ulufely

Cavalleria crociata   Crociati 1   Crociati 2   Fanteria crociata

Balian of Ibelin   Hospitaller infantry marching   Jerusalem's infantry   Jerusalem's infantry   King Baldwin the IV

King Baldwin marching   Marching in the desert   The line of battle   The line of battle   Marching in the desert

The charge of the Hospitaller knights   The crossbowmen   Marching to Montgisard   The marching infantry  Saladin



Painted by Pino Pignataro


Painted by Gen. Donald Wayne Hansen

Wayne is a General of the USA army and I'm honoured to  have become his friend. He's been one of my first supporter in the USA and his suggestions and observations have always been very precious to me. And that's not enough, because as you can see from the pictures of his Crusader army, he's a very good painter too!!!


Painted by Maria Cannella

Maria has been a professional artist of talent that has suddenly passed away in February 2010. In her memory Neil, her husband, has decided to continue the job of         Maria: if you are interested, you can visit their site at  www.mount-and-blade.co.uk                                                                                                                                                             


Painted by Mark Kernan




   Painted by Peter Kershaw

Peter is a real "Maestro" in 15mm figures
painting. He's very prepared on the medieval period and it's a great pleasure, and a honour, for me to show some of his works in my web-site. Peters is not a professional painter and paints only his figures. I'm sure that these   pictures will be of  inspiration for many.                                                                                                                                                                         

           Painted by Olivier Blanchot     

These are some pictures of Olivier's Fatimid Army. Olivier too is not a professional painter, but he's a great style and I think that his choice of colours is perfect to         represent a middle-east army of the period. I think that his work too will be of inspiration for all the owners of a still unpainted muslim army.                                      


        Painted by Emmanuel Roy   

Emmanuel has a very clean and precise style and I like his works. He too is not a professional painter but, occasionally, he accept to work on commision. If you are      interested send me an e-mail and I'll give you the e-mail address to contact him directly.                                                                                                                 



Painted by Laurent Groscolas  

Laurent is another very talented painter. He's a professional painter and if you're interested in his works you can visit his web-site at.



Painted by Matthieu Trainini


Painted by Gilles Daquin


Painted by Steven Kelly


Painted by Rafa "Archiduque"

Rafa is not only a Master-painter but a professional painter too. If you are interested to his job you can visit his web-site at



Painted by Carlos Gasco


Painted by Tilman Moritz



Painted by "El Frances"


  Painted by Juan Fernando Ortiz "JUANBUSUSTO"

Juan is a talented professional painter from Spain. If you're interested to his job you can visit his site at:




Painted by Cris Holt of "SLIM FIGURES PAINTING"

Chris is another talented professional painter. here you can admire some of his works


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