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Terms and conditions - How to order


You can send your order exclusively:

  • by letter to
Legio Heroica
Via Martiri delle Foibe 17
25135 BRESCIA Italy
  • by e-mail to

The order will have to specify the codes and quantity of requested items, the delivery address (to calculate the P&P costs), and the chosen method of payment. You can also write me in French and Spanish: I can read in these languages but I'll reply in english.

I can not accept orders by phone (somehow I can write in english, but I can't speak it at all) or fax.
All the prices are expressed in euro (if you want to know the indicative amount in another currency go to http://www.xe.com and click on “currency calculator”. 
The prices may be subjected to variations without prior notice.
In the event the material must be delivered to an address other than that of whom effects the order, the parcel will be insured or registered.
The minimum order is 20,00 euro (P&P excluded): orders of an inferior amount won't be taken in consideration.
PAYMENT IN BRITISH POUNDS: to avoid continually updating prices in pounds, those who wish to pay in this currency must specify it when sending the order. I'll send the cost in euro and the updated exchange rate in pounds via the  X-RATES. COM web-site
The despatch of an order involves the acceptance of the sale conditions.
The orders are generally despatched within one/two days from the payment and anyhow not over the 7th day (from the date of confirmation of payment). Please notify me if you do not receive your figures within 28 days of placing your order.
If insufficient funds are sent, I will adjust the contents of your order accordingly.

DISCOUNTS:  (Postal cost excluded)
.over 90,00 euro: 10% on Ordinary bags 
.over 150,00 euro: 15% on ordinary bags; 5% on  FOG/Regimental/Army packs (10% discounted already)
.over 220,00 euro: 20% on Ordinary bags and 10% on FOG/Regimental/Army packs
(10% discounted already).
.over 330,00 euro: 23% on ordinary bags and 12% on FOG/Regimental/Army packs (10% discounted already).

The sending of an order implies the acceptance of the following terms:
Legio Heroica is not responsible for delayed or delivery failure. If your order is over euro 50,00 I recommend to have the packet delivered as registered (see the extra cost for the various country): I always have a receipt with postmark for my fiscal purposes but this can only demonstrate that the parcel has been delivered and doesn't guarantee you in case of miscarriage by the postal service.
In all cases, I will answer at no cost for the customer if the delivery failure will be due to a mistake of mine in the delivery address (I take a picture  before to send it). In the case of registered packets returned to me for an error due to the postal service of the destination country, the new shipment will require the payment
 of the new postal costs.

POSTAGE AND PACKING: please calculate the P&P costs before applying the possible discounts (I can discount the cost of material but not its weight). I point out to all the customers outside UE that all the packets of a weight not superior to 2 kgs. are not subjected to customs declaration and  formalities.

Last update on BREXIT, January 31st, 2020: from tomorrow Great Britain leaves the european union, with restoration of national frontiers and customs. However, the last update from the Italian Customs agency says that, waiting for a new commercial agreement between UE and UK, till 31st December 2020 free movements of goods will still be guaranted. This means that nothing will change with shipment methods till DEC. 31st 2020, and the parcels to UK will still be sent by courier.

P&P RATES: these are the prices valid from September 1st, 2019.
August 27th, 2018: POSTE ITALIANE has finally granted me the use of its service of delivery by carrier; for almost all of the european countries
the costs of this service are much cheaper than both the basic services of Poste Italiane (both standard and registered mail) and those of other carriers, but for the rest of the world the cheaper way to send the parcels remain the basic services of Poste Italiane (that still are not subjected to customs formalities). Thus, from August 29th I'll start to use this service for EUROPEAN deliveries as follow:
France, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary: The costs for these countries are marked in BLUE, and the orders will have to include a telephone number (as reference for the courier).
Portugal, Sweden, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lituania, Malta, Romania, THE COSTS OF DELIVERY BY CARRIER IS NOT ALWAYS CHEAPER, SO THIS SERVICE WILL BE FURNISHED ONLY IN PLACE OF REGISTERED MAIL WHEN SO INDICATED with prices marked in GREEN (in this case, remember to send me a telephone number as reference for the courier). WHEN THERE IS NOT A GREEN PRICE, USE THE STANDARD or REGISTERED MAIL PRICES.
In all other cases, when you send your order, please let me know if you prefer standard (black prices) or registered mail.

COVID UPDATE ABOUT SHIPPING 01/08/20: It's now possible to resend the packages to Australia.
  • ITALY: See the italian page to have the prices

  • EUROPE AND MEDITERRANEAN BASIN (Delivery: by courier in 3/5 working days; others in 5/7 working days).  
    • Order up to euro 28,00: Blue Countries by carrier: euro 9,50 Others: euro 7,70 (registered: euro 14,30
    • Order up to euro 80,00: Blue Countries by carrier: euro 9,50 Others: euro 9,60 (registered: euro 19,90) - Green countries by carrier: euro 17,00
    • Order up to 130,00 euro: Blue countries by carrier: euro 10,90 Others: euro 18,00 (reg.ed: euro 28,90) Green countries by carrier: euro 19,90
    • Order over euro 130,00: the parcels will always be sent by courier to all of the european countries mentioned above).
    • Take note that I'll send only registered packets to Russia and to all of the ex-URSS countries.
  • U.S.A. / NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA / ASIA / Rest of AFRICA (Delivery in 8/10 working days)
    • Order up to euro 28,00: euro 10,00 (registered: euro 18,90. )
    • Order up to euro 80,00: euro 14,40 (registered: euro 27,00. )
    • Order over euro 80,00 and up to euro 120,00: euro 24,50  (registered: euro 39,80).
    • Over euro 120,00: write to me and I'll be able to calculate exactly the costs of postage).
  • OCEANIA (Delivery in 10/11 working days)
    • Order up to euro 28,00: euro 12,90 (registered: euro 23,90) 
    • Order up to euro 80,00: euro 19,20 (registered: euro 35,90 )
    • Order over euro 80,00 and up to euro 120,00: euro 34,00 (registered : euro 49,90
    • Over euro 120,00: 40% of the order; For large order the eventual surplus will be refounded as a purchase-coupon on next order or directly refunded on the customer's Paypal account (but if you send me your order by e-mail, I'll be able to calculate exactly the costs of postage).


I’m only human and these things may happen.
Please notify within 10 days of receipt and return any faulty items for replacement.
These will be substituted with others of the same kind. In a 15mm figure is intended as miscast the lack of a foot, of an arms, or of another complete part of the body or equipment, not of the tips of the fingers on the hand.........
The faulty items must be despatched  opportunely packed and at sender’s expense.

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