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In this page you will find the next releases, the closed periods for holydays, etc
APRIL 3rd:
from April 7th till April 30th I'll offer 20% discount on orders of ordinary bags larger than 60,00 euro and 25% discount on orders larger than 110,00 euro. This offer is valid for all of the ranges, but it's not applicable to FOG/Impetus/Regimental bags (for these the actual discounts quoted on the web page are still applicable).                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
FEBRUARY 23rd: The 1st of March is the expiring date of the "Lowered Prices" Campaign. Many thanks to all those who did support me!!!                              
FEBRUARY 12th: The Samurai cavalry is finally on sale: you can see the pictures visiting the Samurai page.                                                                                
JANUARY 27th: "LOWERED PRICES" Campaign: From the 1st of February, the "lowered prices" campaign will starts, with a 10% price reduction on the "troops" bags cost. As for the beginning of all the historical Campaigns, you know when they start but not when they finish, thus this one will be no exception and  the expiry date is unkown at present. The "ceasefire" will be suddenly declared only when all of the objectives will be reached (first of all, to allows the building of new armies to the most greater possible number of wargamers), so my suggestion is to waste no time..... The new prices are as follow: Infantry bags (command included) 3,40 euro, barded/unbarded cavalry (command included) 3,90 euro, Artillery bags 4,20 euro. All the others prices remain as quoted (included the generals bags ones). In the course of the Campaign, the minimum order is 25,00 euro and the ordinary discounts are suspended till 150,00 euro.                                                                              

January 2nd: A new year begin and, first of all, I want to thank all those that have supported the Christmas sale: with your precious support I can now go on              producing new figures in this new year!!! I can announce some new releases: for the Imperial range the bag with Charles of Lorraine, for the Burgundians/War of     the Roses range, the dismounted knights with surcoat, and for the Vikings range, the berserkers: all of these are now on sale. I'm waiting to release the mounted       samurai in this month. Coming on this year production, this how the things are proceeding: For the muslim range, the Seljuk mounted command, heavy cavalry with lance and light cavalry bowmen are sculpted and will be available around March. I'm working on the crossbowmen, and then I'll start to work on the foot               command and javelinmen. For the Saxon range, I'm finishing the Huscarls and after this, I'll start working on Thegns and Fyrds: this range won't be released           before late springs. For the Poltava range, the russian infantry with tricorne (marching and firing line) is sculpted; as next step, I'll start working on the Swedish       infantry and artillery. I won't release nothing until the ranges will be finished, so at present there's not a release date. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                       




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