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All of these figures may be utilized for a period that goes from 1450 to 1477 and many also for an early or a successive period.
These figures will allow you to reconstruct the Burgundian Army of the Wars of 1474/77 but can also be utilized to recreate many other european armies of the period and in a particular way the british armies of the War of the Roses.
Where many variants are quoted, these are furnished at random.

Imagine Code Description Euro
BUR01Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy5,00



Cavalry command on barded horse (commander, standard-bearer - 2 variants-, trumpeter) 


Cavalry command on un-barded horse (commander, standard bearer - 2 variants -, trumpeter

 Knights with lance on barded horse -  6 Knights variants / 4 horse variants


 Knights with lance on un-barded horse - 6 knights variants / 4 horse variants

BUR06  Coustilliers/hobilars with lance - 6 horsemen variants / 4 horse variants
BUR07Infantry Command - Commander, standard-bearer, drummer
BUR08Longbowmen - 7 variants  
BUR09Pikemen - 4 variants 
BUR10Halberdiers - 4 variants 
BUR11Dismounted Men-at-arms without surcoat - 5 variants 
BUR12Dismounted Men-at-arms with surcoat - 5 variants  - 
BUR13Militia archers - 6 variants
BUR14 Handgunners - 3 variants
BUR15Dismounted knights with melee weapons - 5 variants
BUR16Dismounted knights with melee weapons and Surcoat - 6 variants

"FIELD OF GLORY" Ready battle groups (with 3 command figures)

These are already discounted packsEuro
FOG-BUR01 Knights BG on barded horse- 4 bases (12 mounted figures) 14,50
FOG-BUR01a Knights BG on barded horse - 6 bases (18 mounted figures)
FOG-BUR02 Knights BG on unbarded horse - 4 bases (12 mounted figures) 14,00
FOG-BUR02aKnights BG on unbarded horse - 6 bases (18 mounted figures)19,00
FOG-BUR03Coustilliers BG - 6 bases (12 mounted figures)14,00
FOG-BUR03aCoustilliers BG - 8 bases (18 mounted figures)19,00
FOG-BUR04Longbowmen BG - 8 bases (24 figures) 13,00

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