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In the last 30 years I did buy a lot of figures that are finished put aside in a corner for possible future projects.
As the time goes by they're still there taking dust without hope to be painted, so I've decided that they deserve a better future and here they are if someone is interested.
The various armies are sold in block so please don't ask me to sell just part of this or that. All the figures are unpainted (or with primer if so quoted) and in a good state (many still in their original packets).
This page will be up-dated as the inventory proceed... P&P costs are not included and no discounts for quantity.

Imagine CODEDescription Euro
GWWAR40.2GAMES WORKSHOP - Box of plastic Imperial Guards still on sprue17,00
GWMUMGAMES WORKSHOP - LORD OF THE RING . 2 MUMAKIL STILL on sprue. 2 of the boxes are still closed with  cellophane. 60,00
Mi.MuRules for Ancient/Medieval period. Book in perfect conditions - 12,00
In T.G.M.Napoleonic wargames Rules + Book Companion - 1809 - In perfect conditions and sold only togheter27,00
To T.S.Rules for Ancient/Medieval period - Perfect conditions18,00
GRIPPING BEAST: GREAT VICKING ARMY - 78 figures complete with weapons and shields. As for image

GB06GRIPPING BEAST: Dark Age Irish Army - 53 figures including Brian Boru scene and complete with weapond and shields. As for image63,00
NLD20NEW LINE DESIGN - 20 mm Zulu WAR British Army: 4 foot officers, 4 sergeants, 48 infantrymen in various poses, 4 dead infantrymen, 2 9 pdr guns with 8 servants, 16 NNC warriors, 9 mounted cavalrymen (volunteers/Kaffirs), 20 dismounted cavalrymen, 3 horseholders with 12 horses (just some samples in the picture)50,00
NLD20/2NEW LINE DESIGN - 20 mm Zulu WAR zulu army: 51 figures in various poses and dress (campaign/full regalia) and with various armament, + 4 dead figures30,00
TAMIYA/FUJIMI - 1/700 USA & Japanese air fleets for the war in the pacific 1941/45: 3 x US boxes + 4 x Japanese boxes (each one contains 16 airplanes of various types.

WARGAMES FOUNDRY 25mm French Napoleonics in Bardin uniform/capote; infantry in march attack pose.
4 officiers full dress, 2 officers campaign dress, 3 officiers capote, 1 S.B. in campaign dress, 3 drummers full dress,
20 fusiliers in capote, 11 fusiliers in campaign dress, 11 elites in campaign dress, 10 elite in full dress, 1 sapeur.
a total of 66 figures

WF02WARGAMES FOUNDRY 25 mm French Napoleonics. set of  11 Generals/marshals/ ADC16,50
GB01GRIPPING BEAST 25 mm - mix of  38 Goths, Arthurians, Late Romans figures (5 are cavalrymen with horses) 32,00
GB02GRIPPING BEAST 25 mm - mix of 10 medieval knights on covered horses22,00
GB03GRIPPING BEAST 25 mm - mix of 9 Late Roman Cavalrymen on new type horses18,50
GB04GRIPPING BEAST 25 mm - Mix of  18 Goth horsemen on old type horses30,00
WF10FOUNDRY 25mm - Set of 100 YEARS WAR's 24 militia infantry - SOLD24,00
WF14FOUNDRY 25mm - Medieval Scottish armies - 84 figures among which 1 mounted general, 13 pikemen, 17 archers80,00
GR01GRENADIER MODELS 25mm - Mix of  48 WOTR/Burgundians infantrymen (14 billmen in all: not all of them in the picture. 15 handgunners - not in the picture, 1 organ gun + 1 another gun - Xbowmen complete with Xbow) - SOLD
GR03GRENADIER MODELS 25mm - WOTR/Burgundian wars - 13 knights on barded horses (complete with lances/shields (some not shown on picture) - SOLD17,00
OG01OLD GLORY 25mm - 4 New Kingdom Egyptians  war chariots with barded horses18,00
OG02OLD GLORY 25mm - 4 new Kingdom Egyptians war chariots with unbarded horses18,00
OG03OLD GLORY 15mm - with some Peter Pig : mix of german infantrymen with mixed weapons (Please don't ask me how many they are and how many odf a particular weapon is included...)22.00
OG04OLD GLORY 25mm - COLONIAL WAR IN SUDAN - 6 british sailors with 2 gardner guns + 6 Egyptian infantrymen with 2 gardner guns + 2 Krupp guns25.00
WF13FOUNDRY 25mm - WOTR/BURGUNDIAN WARS - Contingent of  16 longbowmen, 18 dismounted Knights/MAA + 1 mounted General - SOLD28,00

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