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Following the recent celebrations for the bicentennial, I've published on-line my book "LA BATTAGLIA DELLA MOSCOVA" (The battle of the Moscova).
This book, at present available only in italian, is the result of years of study and researchs and describes all the events of the battle of the Moscova (or Borodino),
fought on Sept. 7th, 1812 in front of Moscow, presenting them in the right chronological course.
The book is equiped with precise orders of battle for both of the armies and with the Grande-Armée's Bulletins and is also illustrated with pictures of my private figures'collection.
I can reccomend this book to all the lovers of Napoleonic battles, and expecially to all the napoleonic wargamers.
The book is available on-line only, both in  PDF or Epub format. You can download the book from the following on-line bookstores:

9am.it        Applestore        barnesandnoble.com        bible.it        bol.it        bookrepublic.it        storecentoebook.it        deastore.com        omniabuk.com

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