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All of these figures may be utilized for the first period of the Landsknechts that goes from 1499 to 1530 and many also for a successive period.
These figures will allow you to reconstruct the Landsknechts Contingents of the Italian Wars.
Where many variants are quoted, these are furnished at random.


Imagine Code Description Euro


 Mounted Commander with drummer and standard bearer on foot


LAN02 Infantry command (Officer, standard bearers, musicians) - Standard bearers may be different from the one illustrated.

LAN03  Pikemen frontal rank - 4 variants - pikes included  

LAN04  Pikemen, posterior ranks - 9 variants - pikes included (just some of them showed)

LAN05Halberdiers - 9 variants (sama as LAN04 but with halberds)

LAN06  Handgunners - 3 variants

LAN07  Doppelsolden - 3 variants 

"FIELD OF GLORY" Ready battle groups (with 3 command figures included excepted for the Mounted crossbowmen)

These are already discounted packsEuro
FOG-LAN01 Pikemen BG - 8 bases (32 figures) - it includes 2 bases of LAN03
FOG-LAN02 Pikemen  BG -12 bases (48 figures) - it includes 3 bases of LAN0323,10

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