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THE MONGOLS 1210/1300

All of these figures may be utilized for a period that goes from 1210 to 1300 and many also for a successive period.
These figures will allow you to reconstruct both the mongol armies for the invasion of Europe (1223/42) or for the invasion of the middle-east.
Where many variants are quoted, these are furnished at random.


Imagine Code Description Euro


 General mounted on european horse with drums player on camel and standard-bearer


MON02 Guard cavalry command on barded horse 4,40

MON03  Guard cavalry with lance on barded horse - 4 horsemen/3 horse variants 4,40

MON04  Heavy cavalry command

MON05  Heavy cavalry with lance/shield - 4 horsemen/3 horse variants

MON06  Heavy cavalry with bow/shield - 2 horsemen/3 horse variants

MON07  Light cavalry command

MON08  Light cavalry with lance/shield - 3 horsemen/3 horse variants 

MON09  Light cavalry with bow - 5 horsemen/3 horse variants. N.B.: The firing archers are separated at the waist

"FIELD OF GLORY" Ready battle groups (with 3 command figures)

These are already discounted packsEuro
FOG-MON01 Guards Cavalry BG - 4 bases (12 mounted figures on barder horses) 14,00
FOG-MON02 Guards cavalry BG - 6 bases (18 mounted figures on barded horses)
FOG-MON03 Heavy cavalry  BG - 4 bases (12 mounted figures with lance and shield) 13,50
FOG-MON04Heavy cavalry BG - 6 bases (18 mounted figures with lance and shield)19,20
FOG-MON05Heavy cavalry BG - 4 bases (12 mounted figures with bow)13,50
FOG-MON06Heavy cavalry BG - 6 bases (18 mounted figures with bow) 19,20
FOG-MON07Light cavalry BG with lance and shield - 6 bases (12 mounted figures)13,50
FOG-MON08Light cavalry BG with bow - 6 bases (12 mounted figures)13,50

"BASIC IMPETUS" Ready Army Pack (this pack is already discounted) -  See the Army List on "D&P"'s web-site (links page).
All the variants included.

MONGOL CONQUEST 1206-1266 AD (VDT 19/10)BAS/IMP03Contains: 6 Guards cavalry on barded horses (including command set), 6 heavy cavalry, 24 light cavalry (including 1 command set)Euro 42,00

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