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THE ROME's ENEMIES 350-476 A.D. 

All of these figures may be utilized for a period that goes from 350 to 476 A.D. and many also for an early and a successive period. They're mainly aimed to reconstruct the battle of the last years of the Roman Western Empire fought to stop the barbarian invasions.
Where many variants are quoted, these are furnished at random.
All of the shields and lances are to be glued to allow more variety. Shields and lances are always included.
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Imagine Code Description Euro


Goths/Germanic cavalry command - Commander, standard bearer, musician . The standard bearer will be randomly furnished with Draco or Vexilla

REN02  Bucellarii/Comitatus cavalry - 2 horsemen variants 

REN03  Goths/Germanic Armoured cavalry with helm - 3 horsemen variants 

REN04  Goths/Germanic unarmoured cavalry with helm - 3 horsemen variants

REN05  Goths/Germanic unarmoured cavalry bare-headed - 3 horsemen variants
REN06  Germanic Cavalry with "Swabian knot" - 3 horsemen variants
REN07Goths/Germanic infantry command - Commander, draconarius, musician
REN08Goths/Germanic armoured infantry with lance - 5 variants
REN09 Goths/Germanic unarmoured infantry with lance and helm - 5 variants
REN10Goths/Germanic unarmoured infantry with lance, bareheaded - 5 variants
REN11Goths/Germanic archers - 5 variants 
REN12Goths/Germanic Javelinmen - 3 variants
REN13Attila, the Scourge of God5,20
REN14HUNS - Heavy cavalry command
REN15HUNS - Heavy cavalry - 3 variants 
REN16HUNS - Light cavalry command
REN17HUNS - Horse archers - 7 horsemen variants (just some showed)

"FIELD OF GLORY" Ready battle groups (with 3 command figures included excepted for the Turcopoles)

These are already discounted packsEuro
FOG-REN01 Goths/Germanic Armoured Cavalry BG with helm and shield - 4 bases (12 mounted figures) 14,20
FOG-REN01a Goths/Germanic Armoured cavalry  BG with helm and shield - 6 bases (18 mounted figures) 
FOG-REN02 Goths/Germanic Unarmoured cavalry BG with helm and shield -  4 bases (12 figures)14,20
FOG-REN02aGoths/Germanic Unarmoured cavalry BG with helm and shield - 6 bases (18 figures)19,20
FOG-REN03Goths/Germanic Unarmoured cavalry BG with shield - 4 bases (12 figures)14,20
FOG-REN03aGoths/Germanic unarmoured cavalry BG with shield - 6 bases (18 figures)19,20
FOG-REN04Goths/Germanic infantry BG - 8 bases (32 figures)16,30
FOG-REN04aGoths/Germanic infantry BG - 12 bases (48 figures)23,30
FOG-REN05Goths/Germanic archers MI BG - 8 bases (24 figures)13,10
FOG-REN06Huns Horse archers BG - 6 bases (12 figures)14,20

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