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"VIENNA 1683" - The Polish Army

All of these figures may be utilized for a period that goes from 1640 to 1690 and many also for an early period.
Where many variants are quoted, these are furnished at random.
All of the shields (where present) are to be glued to allow more variety.
Lance are included if not quoted otherwise.

Imagine Code Description Euro

King Sobielski (king + hussar standard bearer + foot guard) 

POL02 General Jablonowski (jablonowsky + bunczuk bearer)  4,00
Winged hussars with lance – 2 wings (2 hussars variants/3 horse variants); the illustration is indicative:
the bag contains four hussars, four horses, four lances and four pair of wings .

Winged hussars command (officer, standard bearer, trumpeter/ 3 horse variants)

POL05 Pancerni cavalry lance and shield (1 pancerni variant/3 horse variants) -  
POL06 Pancerni command (officer, standard bearer trumpeter/3 horse variants)
POL07 Light cavalry (2 horsemen variants/3 horse variants) 
POL08 Light cavalry command (officer, standard bearer, trumpeter/3 horse variants)
POL09 Dragoons (1 dragoon variant/3 horse variants)   
POL10 Dragoons command (officer, standard bearer, trumpeter/3 horse variants)
POL11 Infantry command (officer, standard bearer, drummer)
POL12 Polish infantry musket-axe (3 variants) 
POL13 Light artillery (1 cannon + 3 servants) 
POL14Polish Pikemen - (2 variants)

POLREG1 Winged hussars - 12 mounted figures command included14,70
POLREG2 Pancerni - 12 mounted figures command included
POLREG3 Infantry - 24 figures with 1 command set included 13,10

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