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THE SWISS 1450-1495

All of these figures may be utilized for a period that goes from 1450 to 1490 and many also for an early or a successive period.
These figures will allow you to reconstruct the Swiss Army of the Burgundian Wars 1474/77.
Where many variants are quoted, these are furnished at random.
The red codes are not yet available.


Imagine Code Description Euro


 Commander (Niklaus Von Scharnachtal) and standard bearer mounted / Uri's hornist on foot


SWI02 Infantry command (Officer, standard bearers, musicians) - Standard bearers may be different from the one illustrated. 

SWI03  Pikemen frontal rank - 6 variants - pikes included  


Pikemen, posterior ranks - 14 variants - pikes included (just some of them showed)

SWI05  Halberdiers - Halberds included -14 variants (just some of them showed)

SWI06  Crossbowmen - 5 variants

SWI07  Handgunners - 8 variants (just some of them showed) 

SWI08  Mounted crossbowmen (3 variants)  

SWI09  Light gun with 3 servants 4,80

"FIELD OF GLORY" Ready battle groups (with 3 command figures included excepted for the Mounted crossbowmen)

These are already discounted packsEuro
FOG-SWI01 Halberdiers BG - 8 bases (32 figures) 16,30
FOG-SWI02 Pikemen BG - 8 bases (32 figures) - it includes 2 bases of SWI03
FOG-SWI03 Pikemen  BG -12 bases (48 figures) - it includes 3 bases of SWI0323,10

"BASIC IMPETUS" Ready  Army Pack (This pack is already discounted) - See the Army list on "D&P"'s web-site (links page).
Option included.

XV Cent.(VDT = 21/11 or VDT = 20/10 if with option)
BAS/IMP04Contains: 60 pikemen (including command set), 8 handgunners, 8 crossbowmen, 8 halberdiers, 5 mounted knighteuro 47,00

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