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“Vienna 1683”  -  The Ottoman Turks

All of these figures may be utilized for the 1620 -1715 period, and many also for an earlier period.
Where more variants are quoted, these will be furnished casually, without possibility of choice.
All the shields must be glued to the figures (if so desired): this to furnish a greater variety.
The lances (where necessary) are included if not stated otherwise.
For a greater knowledge of period, organization and uniform of the turks, I can recommend the work in 2 volumes
of Dr. Bruno Mugnai “L’esercito Ottomano da Candia a Passarowitz 1645-1718” (The ottoman army from Candia to Passarowitz 1645- 1718): These books are in Italian but the numerous colour plates have a bilingual Italian/english  explanatory

Immagine Codice Descrizione Euro
TUR01 Kara Mustafa mounted on barded horse with a foot groom 3,60

TUR02 Mounted turkish command (2officers, 1 standard bearer/ 3 horse variants)

TUR03 Sipahi Ulufèly (Qapikulu) with lance/shield – 3 variants of  horseman/horse
TUR04 Sipahi Toprakli (Feudal) with lance/shield – 3 variants  of horseman/horse

TUR05 Sipahi Toprakli  with  bow/shield – 3 variants of horseman/horse  

TUR06 Delhis - Serradkulu cavalry – 3 variants  of horseman/horse 

TUR07 Beslu/Gonullu - Serradkulu cavalry -3 variants of horseman/horse

TUR08 Janicery command (campaign dress): officer, sergeant, standard bearer 
TUR09 Janicery  with musket  (campaign dress): 6 variants  
TUR10 Janicery  with melee arms (campaign dress): 5 variants

TUR11 Dismounted Toprakli Cavalry  (bow or lance) – 3 variants

TUR12 Dismounted Toprakli command –  2 officers,1 standard bearer
TUR13 Azab infantry  with musket – 3 variants
TUR15Heavy artillery – 1 cannon /3 artillerymen
TUR16Azab Command (officer/sergeant/standard bearer)
TUR17Wallachian cavalry command
TUR18Wallachian cavalry - 3 variants 

REGIMENTAL PACKS (with command)
TURREG1Sipahy Ulufèly -12 mounted figures with command14,20
TURREG2Toprakly with lance - 12 mounted figures with command14,20
TURREG02aToprakly with bow- 12 mounted figures with command14,20
TURREG3Janicery with mixed arms -24 foot figures with command 13,10

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